These are some beer related websites & blogs that I enjoy using & reading myself. I will continue to add to this list, it is just a start.

Check them out:


Ghost Drinker – A top beer blog from the beer geek we simply know as Ghosty 🙂

Beer Reviews – Simply one of the best beer blogs out there!

Taste Sensations – Beer & Food from a Drinkers Perspective

The Beer Boy – Blog from acclaimed beer writer Zak Avery

Pencil & Spoon – Top notch blog from beer writer Mark Dredge

Pete Brown’s Beer Blog – A legend in the beer world, so you know what to expect when it comes to his blog

The Good Stuff – Good Beer, Good Food, Good People

Eating isn’t Cheating – A foodie beer blog about the best things in life: Craft Beer, Real Ale, Food & all things tasty

Real Ale Reviews – Independent reviewers of real ales, beers & lagers from around the world…

Beersay – Unverified, unofficial information gained or acquired from various sources or sauces about beer… probably

The Beer Prole – Northern Irishman, interested in beer & pubs, lives in Leeds

Raising The Bar – A Brewers view on the World Craft Beer Revolution

Beer.Birra.Bier. – Beer & brewing, blogged

It could do with a few more hops… – Great blog from a guy who really like his beer

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